Looking around the studio tonight, I came across a nice AP print of a lone spacewalk astronaut hovering in deep space above the earth. It reminded me of a time I photographed a heavy metal band in the “studio” at the Hutch News. Which was actually an open space in front of two desks on the way to the men’s bathroom. One of the desks which was “mine”.

So, after shooting these dudes, putting the meager lighting set away, I realized these assholes had stolen a really nice AP (albeit a mass-produced lightweight Polycontrast RC) print; it was still an original silver-based print I had on the front of my desk showing the huge nuke on the Bikini Islands sucking up several Navy warships up into its inferno. This is the closest web version I could find of the image.

Pricks. But I guess it really sums up heavy metal.


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