Since I’ve moved my blog to the wordpress.com platform, I’ve made some changes to the appearance, including the current featured panoramic image of the city of Honolulu & Waikiki. This is a JPEG from a 695MB, 70″ long image created from 14 high resolution vertical images, taken from the top rim of Diamond Head Crater.
I was fortunate to visit my son & his wife there in July on his first work assignment out of college (yay Austin!) I shot quite a lot of stock photography, & several nice panoramas such as this one.

My first day there, my 24-105L lens totally stopped working, but I was able to borrow my son’s 17-85 to fill in, which was used to create the above image.

I may post more Hawaii images if there is any interest.

Thank you for your support. Aloha!

Virtual Tours

I’ve decided to begin offering panoramic 360º virtual tours. These will be offered either as a flattened 360ºx180º JPEG to upload for use as a reference file for your web site’s Java application, or as an interactive QuickTime file, which is what will soon be appearing in the Featured Projects section of the site. Please keep checking back to see the new stuff!

360ºx180º versions coming soon!