Looking around the studio tonight, I came across a nice AP print of a lone spacewalk astronaut hovering in deep space above the earth. It reminded me of a time I photographed a heavy metal band in the “studio” at the Hutch News. Which was actually an open space in front of two desks on the way to the men’s bathroom. One of the desks which was “mine”.

So, after shooting these dudes, putting the meager lighting set away, I realized these assholes had stolen a really nice AP (albeit a mass-produced lightweight Polycontrast RC) print; it was still an original silver-based print I had on the front of my desk showing the huge nuke on the Bikini Islands sucking up several Navy warships up into its inferno. This is the closest web version I could find of the image.

Pricks. But I guess it really sums up heavy metal.


Artist George Dombeck Feature

This month’s issue of Western Art & Architecture Magazine featured a spread on local Artist George Dombeck. Though you may not recognize the name, his photorealistic paintings of barns & other outdoor themes are featured in many area restaurants & public spaces. I had a great time photographing Mr. Dombeck & his surroundings. Though the feature was called “In The Studio”, I couldn’t limit the shoot to just one space, as George also created all the architecture in his little piece of paradise north of Goeshen, AR.

Western Art & Architecture Layout
Western Art & Architecture Layout

Architectural and Commercial Photographer updating for SEO

I’m told that no one reads blog posts anymore, but I should go ahead & post to help me SEO. Use lots of therms like Commercial Photographer, Architectural Photography, lifestyle imaging, and plain old “Photographer”. OK

So if you read this, please send me a note or an email. I think the spam filter will allow real people like yourself to get through.

If some actually lets me know they read this, I’ll be prompted to update some recent photography projects, shooting for interior designers, construction companies, ad agencies, architects, and commercial real estate firms.

My Newest Gadget

Well, It’s not really a gadget, since it’s a 24 foot tall tripod. Yes, that little bitty thing up there is a not so itty bitty camera. I’m still working out the bumps, but it’s a great way to get a high vantage point without a bucket lift. Controlled by a wireless intervalometer.

It’s That Time of Year..

…for architectural photographers. Construction projects are getting their final touches, and the leaves are still green and just beginning to turn. We’ve just passed the point of the year when direct sunlight reaches north-facing facades early & late.
This has been a great year for photography, (surprisingly, given the extremes).
I currently have several architectural shoots pending completion for photography. It’s important to be flexible in my scheduling to accomodate the myriad of factors which effect the completion date for any given project.
Fortunately, in today’s economy, society has found ways to improve our schools, and I’ve been fascinated to see all the cool stuff now standard & expected in today’s schools.
Here’s a shot from Holmes Park Elementary in Sapaulpa, OK.
Not like it was when I was a third grader…

Holmes Park Elementary

Grade School Library/Media Center

I just want to drive it, not work on it

This describes my experience with getting this site & blog up & running.
Back in the day, I had a bright orange 1976 VW camper van. Lots of big memories from that thing. It seems I spent more time lying under the back end, adjusting the valves, adjusting the timing, etc. than I ┬áspent in the driver’s seat. And anyone who knows me will tell you I’m NOT a mechanic.
The design host has been helpful, but they only go so far. So, I’m looking to hire a WordPress guru ASAP to help me get the Panorama page up & running.
To prove the point, I’ve been trying for 45 minutes to simply upload a perfect image to illustrate this, and NOTHING works.

I’m so frustrated.
OK, so I got the image to load by uploading it to my MobileMe gallery, then importing from a URL, since the system refused to accept my uploading from my computer.
I’m persistent, if nothing else, and also late for dinner.

More later.