Easter Eggs, Dozen Eggs

Twelve. The number of years ago this week I set out on a new life with Shreve Imaging. I put all my eggs in one huge basket of faith.

I want to thank all the clients who’ve placed their trust in me over the years, and all the people who’ve supported me in pursuit of the dream.

Boost your Facebook posts with strong imagery

According to the editors at AdvertisingAge- “Marketers need to jettison generic ad creative and text-heavy wall posts in favor of high-quality, engaging ad creative with smart imagery and limited text. Facebook will reward them for doing so with greater exposure in users’ News Feeds.”

Good news for me, since I am, ahem, IN the business of providing high-quality smart imagery. (Too many words…need picture.)

This is a magazine cover portrait of Greenhouse Grille co-owner Jeremy Gawthorp.Shreve_080428_0095P